You create content on your company’s website with the intention of connecting to people. Nothing makes that connection more immediate and more effective than well-produced video. Projections suggest that by the year 2020, 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic will consist of video viewing. This progression may lead you to wonder, “Should I create a video for my company?” The answer is almost certainly  “Yes,” and below are some guidelines for getting the maximum benefit from your video content.

Know Your Audience

The more vividly you can picture the audience for your video, the more effectively you can communicate with them. If your company’s products are aimed at several different demographics, don’t make the mistake of trying to address everybody at once. The power of your message will be diluted. Instead, make a short video for each individual customer persona. Place each type of content on its own landing page, or use different social media platforms for each one. Your own analytics can tell you which platforms and video style will appeal to each demographic.

Use Multiple Options

Where do videos fit into your existing content? Everywhere! Take a look:

Leverage Your Connections

Review your professional network and see if you have experts whom you can interview. Bringing in an outside authority is valuable, and both of you will benefit from increasing the channels for your message.

Check Out Your Competition

You don’t want to slavishly copy whatever videos your competitors are posting, but you need to be familiar with their strategy so you can differentiate your own brand. See if there are obvious gaps in their content, and then fill those gaps with compelling video content on your own page.

Promote Your Content

Video is “sticky,” meaning that it will captivate user attention, but you can’t just post your video content and then sit back and wait for it to magically go viral. Make sure you cross-promote it through all the channels you participate in, so that it gets seen and shared and promulgated throughout your targeted user funnels.

Use a Professional

Everyone’s a videographer now, with a smartphone in their hand. However, creating an engaging product requires far more skill and complexity than just pointing a device and pushing the “record” button. Furthermore, since your users are accustomed to professional-quality video on other commercial sites, amateur video quality will carry over onto your branding and make it seem like you aren’t professional in your approach to business in general.

Unless you want to dedicate yourself to learning the videographer’s trade, recognize that hiring a professional will bring in a stronger return on your investment.

Let’s talk about moving your company to the head of the pack with an updated video strategy. We’ll be happy to sit down with you and discuss the most effective video content strategy.

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New York Video Productions a Full Service Company Producing High-End Films

As technology advances, the way you present your organization to the public continues to evolve. An important development that every business owner and marketing department needs to respond to is the rapid increase in online video content. If you want to position your brand as forward-thinking and socially aware, including videos on your website is no longer optional. Here are eight good reasons why you’ll benefit from working with a corporate video production company:

Videos show your poducts more effectively than still images

There’s something captivating about watching a product in action, regardless of what that product is. Research by SearchEngineLand found that video product demonstrations for one sportswear site increased revenue per visit (RPV) between 25 and 100 percent. There’s a reason why all those un-boxing videos on YouTube draw hundreds of thousands of viewers!

You’ll rank higher in search results

Google’s algorithms take “dwell time” into account, a factor that reflects the length of time that visitors spend on your site. The rationale behind this boost in rankings is that high-quality content holds viewers’s attention longer, and Google wants to return higher quality search results closer to the top of the front page.

We are dedicated to providing corporate businesses as well as individuals the opportunity to tell their story in a credible way using digital video. We film everything from interviews to corporate marketing promotions to medical videos for websites and YouTube commercials. Our company goal is to create a vision for your story, then complete your video project, on time and within your budget.

Your Video is Complete, How to Optimize it for Search Engines? If your video is for promotional use (rather than a how-to for internal training for instance) the first step after completion is to get the video in front of the eyes of your users. Well, how do you gain a competitive edge? Search engines, of course! Search engines are the number one source for driving traffic to your new video and to promote business. If your video is properly optimized with the search engine requirements, your business video will likely rank higher and drive more traffic to your website than a video without optimization.

Step #1 Keyword Optimization

Keywords are essential to your video, they are the phrases that people are likely to enter when they are looking for a service that is similar to yours. For example, if you are providing printing services for business such as business cards and letterhead, people are likely to search for you by “print my business cards”, etc. You may use the Google Keyword Planner Tool < LINK > to find the best keywords for your company’s business.

Step #2 Include Text and Voice Transcripts

It is currently impossible for the robots built within search engines to listen and transcribe the graphical images and voice over text that is embedded into your video. To increase your ranking, a good technique is to include the transcript of the video into the video description on YouTube or wherever your video is embedded, such as your website. The two-fold benefit of this is 1) the search engines read your text which allows their ‘bots’ to crawl the page and 2) for your website visitors to understand the content of the video while watching it. As an added bonus, try adding a CTA into your description that leads directly to your website.

Step #3 Amazing Title and Thumbnail

In order to attract the attention of the user you must have a compelling, attractive thumbnail for the user to click “play”. This is, the ultimate goal isn’t it, for the user to click the play button and learn / be amazed over your video content. By coming up with a title and thumbnail that not only matches the content of your video, but adds value to it, you will have a winning combination.

Videos build trust in your brand’s personality

We all do a lot of shopping online now, and most transactions occur without any direct human contact. When you take the time to communicate who you are and what your business stands for, it creates a sense of warm human connection with your customers. Giving your brand a human face will allow people to develop a sense of trust.

Your company will stand out from the competition

Although video use is growing rapidly, only about half of online companies currently include video content on their site. This means you still have the opportunity to get out in front of your competitors and create a uniquely persuasive online presence.

You’ll attract mobile users
Online browsing is a different experience when you’re using a mobile device, and video viewing simply works better than clicking around a tiny static site. Mobile video viewing has increased by 532 percent in the last two years, and viewers tend to spend longer watching videos on their mobile devices than they do on computers.

You’ll  attract repeat customers

If you schedule and promote additions of fresh video content on a regular basis, you can attract subscribers in the same way that email newsletters and weekly podcasts do. Providing actionable information about topics that your users find relevant will bring them back to your site over and over again.

Your testimonials will have more credibility

Hearing the voice of a real user is more believable than a written review, according to a principle known as “social proof.”  People place a lot of trust in other customers’ opinions, and this effect is magnified when those opinions are delivered via a video. It’s all about the way we develop rapport with each other by watching eyes and faces and body language.

Videos drive conversions

Sales statistics prove that investment in video content brings direct returns in increased sales and conversions. One case study showed that Living Direct, a major internet retailer, started out with just 25 product demo videos, and found their conversion rates so improved that they plan to eventually add videos to their site for over 5,000 separate products.