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Why choose New York Video Productions over other Promotional Video Production Companies?

The answer is simple: Stefan James (owner, director and cinematographer) has a passion for creating the perfect video that is engaging to the audience and produced in a unique, charismatic way.

Cinematography Brings your Brand to Life

We have grown into one of the leading promotional video production companies in NY and NYC. We push ideas and make things happen. By introducing a fresh, cinematic approach on promo videos we push experiences and expectations to a higher level. Launched in 2015 as a source for affordable yet professional videos for small and large companies alike, we have the natural ability to get the job when it needs to come in on time and under budget. If you love short, effective videos, then you will feel right at home with us. Your production leader will take the time to understand the meaning of your brand strategy and inject this into your video so it reflects your message in the best way possible. Understanding the type of strategy for your video is the crucial first step increasing brand awareness and increasing online engagement. Whether your objective is to build customer trust, increase sales or even improve customer education, our team of professionals will get the job done which is why you should choose NY Video Productions over one of the those other, more expensive promotional video companies in NY.

There is nothing more powerful than storytelling through video.

Our technique is straight to the point, and pretty simple too. Upon sitting with you to assess how a video can provide a boost to your business, we research your target market to look for a new way to create a compelling video that widen's your audience’s pupils while pulling at their senses. The process is fast, and you are given the option to make changes before the video receives the final edit with color correction and special effects.

We love creating dramatic, eye-catching videos that make a bold statement. With us, your company will stand apart from your competitors, and there’s no better way of doing that other than by creating a charasmatic corporate promotional video that your customers can relate with.

As video content strategy has become a part of everyones marketing plan, your video must look different, get the point across quickly, and be well-executed. We do this by producing your video with Canon Cinema Cameras, 4k Resolution, Drones, DSLR's, Action Cams, Ambient Lighting, Audio Recording (boom & lav mics), Green Screen, Sliders and more. All which is produced in our in-house editing studio.

The Videomaking Process

We sit with you and talk through your ideas in extreme detail to work out how to bring about the best plan to create a video that’s going to meet your goals. In this process we may speak about your video content, duration, filming locations, storyboard, coloring and more. Once we have all these specific details sorted out, it's time to go out and film! Most short-film commercial shoots will last anywhere from one to five days, depending on the length and locations of your particular project. After the final draft is approved by you, we polish the film with color correction, soundtrack and your logo. OK, so the film is complete, now what? It's time to promote! We can begin to sharing your video online and embedding on your website, your clients and customers will appreciate your connection with them through video.

Want to grow your audience, monetize your passion, and stand out online?

By all means give us a call at (631) 428-7246.